Looking over the crowd of youth, you know they are less engaged than a few months ago. You have great lesson plans, amazing helpers, you have the oh-so-important food.
Your mind rushes back to youth camp from a few months ago. What a great experience for everyone! Everyone came back ready to go. Everyone seemed on fire, the other leaders and the kids were all ready to make a difference. You did for a few weeks.
What happened? Everybody went back to their same old life. Why, you ask? Everyone needs to be engaged at different levels in different ways.
You remember hearing from one of your colleagues at another church about BaseCamp. Their church took a trip over to BaseCamp and had an amazing experience! They worked through so many new ideas to help individuals understand themselves.
So many students and leaders came away with an entirely new understanding of group dynamics.
It’s made a change that has taken them to a new level. You want your youth group to be on fire and for that fire to keep burning!
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