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Self Discovery

What’s under your hood? Here, we’ll explore your personality, your natural gifts, acquired skills and self-confidence to help you better understand what drives the decisions you make and the things you do.

Life Skills

Let’s explore, discuss and define the practical skills you’ll need for everyday living. From landing a job to buying a car, finding a place to live and just the pure fundamentals of good money management.

Two men using teamwork to climb out of a river bank

Good Habits

Learn the habits of successful leaders, how they make decisions and how to begin your journey toward more productive habits while abandoning your unproductive ones.

Young man in front of a tent


Discover the principles influencing each part of your life and determine where and how they’re leading you.

Two men with axes looking into the distance


Are you fit in mind, body, and spirit? Are you ready to climb tall mountains at work, at home and in your community? Have you learned to “number your days” and to use your time wisely?


Learn to enjoy life more fully, not just endure it. Good people. Exciting adventures. Spontaneity. Purpose. What will you do on and off the job to power your enthusiasm and zest for life?

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