have you ever wanted to help your son become the man you see in him?

Of course you have, you’re an amazing father!

You know he is a tough little dude that want to be just like you someday. It’s amazing watching him play pall or cast the fishing pole, but you know there is so much more you want to teach him. He is growing up right before your eyes. 

You know he is going through so much to get to where you are and you want to protect him, but you know he is going to be alright. It’s hard to admit but you know you need help. 

“Did you see that cast, daddy?” 

I look over the ripple in the water. I know he has been working the last couple of cast to get it this far. I begin to feel the pride I have for my boy. A few of the other guys say, “Wow nice one!” and, “He’s going to be a pro!” 

I see the look on his face just waiting for me to respond. So many emotions are going through my head. Should I praise him in a big way, or just a little so he doesn’t get a big head?

Something i larned recently is that it’s okay to be excited for him, encourage him and love him! Before this moment, the idea of loving my son was confusing. 

I shout out, “Way to go stud!” He is just beaming with joy as he reels the line in. It feels so good to know that my encouragement will be something he will be able to do with his son.