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Good relationships simply make life more enjoyable. When handled poorly, life becomes difficult. Relationships range from intimate (husbands and wives, children and close friends) to casual (acquaintances and colleagues). Let’s manage them better.


How would you like your wife to describe you after thirty years of marriage? Why are some marriages great, and why do so many fail? Let’s discuss some simple steps you can take for a great marriage.


Strong male leadership and powerful female stewardship along with good parenting. It’s why some children grow into outstanding citizens, and others may lead ineffective, unfulfilled lives. There are steps parents can take for lively, loving families.

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Why do so many relationships fail for “lack of communication? Let’s explore the rules of the road toward more effective communication. In your writing, speeches, interviews and just plain old, one-on-one with family and friends.

Career Building

If you do something you’re passionate about, the hours will speed by and your career will be rewarding. Let’s explore ways to use your natural gifts and your acquired skills. Either as an entrepreneur or working for others.

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Family Finances

The number one cause for divorce in this country is money. How do you budget, manage credit card debt, buy a house and even fund your child’s education? The right practices can keep your marriage and your family strong.

Leading at Home

Men are called to be the providers and protectors in the home. Women are called to be the nurturers and guides in the home. Let’s investigate your personal experience growing up and what this really means as you consider how you choose to navigate your home moving forward.

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