Teen Girls

People tell me I'm pretty but I don't see it.

I feel so ugly! If I could change my appearance, I would be happy.

Of course, that’s what I thought after every physical change. I hate mirrors, but I can’t stop looking. I’m constantly checking to see how I look. After all, I have to be able to look like those girls on Instagram.

I need those jeans, but mom won’t let me buy them! They are only $120.00, I don’t know why my mom makes such a big deal about it. 

Ever since my parents separated, she has been tight with money. I don’t understand, am I not good enough? 

My dad buys me whatever I want. Dad obviously loves me more! Right? He wants me to have the best of everything! My dad lives in a nice house and drives a nice truck. He obviously knows what he is talking about; at least I think so.

And I don't even know where to start with boys.

My parents say one thing, society says another, my friends say something else. Honestly, I just want to be loved but I’m not exactly sure what love looks like. 

I would like to talk to somebody but I'm not sure who I should talk to.

One of the ladies at my church told me about a program at BaseCamp USA. She said it would help me get moving in the right direction. Being with a small group of other teen girls I will be able to open up. 

Basecamp USA will give me the tools to make powerful decisions for my future. I will be with a group of young women dealing with many of the same things. My guides will lead me in finding the direction that works the best for me. 

Don’t miss a chance to find yourself in this life changing program. I’m going to seek out that missing piece that puts everything together. I’ve been missing out and that needs to end. I’m sick of being on the outside, and its really time to grow up and start becoming the woman I need to be. How about you?