As you participate in the adventures, you will realize that your perspective has changed. You may be swinging from the Giant Swing, fifty-five feet in the air, and understand your fear was just a hurdle that you were able to push through. Or reaching for that next climbing hold, and find the necessary reserves of strength, that you thought had disappeared, are available deep in your mind. And, as you sit around the campfire with your teammates and reflect on your day, you will come to know the importance of shared experiences that create lasting memories, great friendships and life-long change.


Chopping wood. Setting up camp. Making meals. Hauling rock. Making trails. It’s an important part of life, and an important part of BaseCamp. Working together is how we learn together on a mission to make BaseCamp a better place than we found it.


Climbing at BaseCamp USA is a dynamic activity involving a combination of physical agility and the ability to calm your mind. We create an environment to help you feel safe and to give you a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zones. This activity is helpful in building confidence in yourself and learning to set new and life changing goals.


Rappelling at BaseCamp USA helps you see an activity from beginning to end, while learning how to learn. Your group will be able to experience learning at a different level. Your group may choose to participate in our full program that involves an understanding of knots, gear, anchors and the process of rappelling. This activity allows a group that may struggle with climbing to participate in a high adventure activity.

Low Ropes Course

Low Ropes at BaseCamp USA is a powerful activity that creates lifelong memories. It also gives your group the opportunity to work through problems that you may not see. Multiple elements help your facilitator work with your group in different ways including communication, problem solving, and trust. These activities help your group move past conflict and stress to work together more efficiently.


Teambuilding at BaseCamp USA is a combination of prop and field based activities that allow your group to connect with each other. Your group may not see the need for connection until they are actively involved. Your group can do this as a stand-alone activity or a way of leading into Low Ropes or another activity. Your facilitator will help your group move to the next level.

Adventure Races

Adventure Races at BaseCamp USA Help your team connect. There are different levels depending on the physical ability of your group and how complex you would like the challenge to be. Your race could take anywhere from a few hours to most of the day. These challenges can be custom-tailored to your group.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts at BaseCamp USA are another way for your team to connect without the adventure activities.

The Giant Swing

The Giant Swing at BaseCamp USA is an amazing rush! As much of a rush as the Giant Swing is, it is also a great way for your team to learn some important lessons! Getting out of your comfort zones while learning boundaries. We not only need to get out of our own comfort zones but we need to know how to appropriately help others get out of theirs. It is also a great way to help groups understand that encouragement looks different to everyone. Some may want the cheering, some may want silence.


Fishing at BaseCamp USA is a great place for Smallmouth Bass. The beautiful Mineral Point branch of the Pecatonica River runs through the property giving you access to multiple fishing holes. We have something for everyone whether you are a beginner or advanced fisherman. You will receive quality instruction on the different aspects of river fishing. If you are more interested in lake fishing we can make that happen.


Hiking at BaseCamp USA is a combination of enjoying God’s creation and some exercise. We have 6+ miles of maintained trails. There are many levels of adventure. You may be up for a nice hike down to the river. Maybe you’re looking for something more challenging. We have areas with extreme elevation change. Whichever you choose, you will enjoy some amazing views!

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking at BaseCamp USA gives you a taste of this ever-growing sport. We continue to add courses to give your group an experience they will never forget.

Off Site Trips

Our Off Site Trips at BaseCamp USA can be a great group experience. We can travel to you and do some teambuilding or we can take you sailing, caving, fishing, climbing, hiking. We have guides that will teach you a variety of different activities depending on your group needs.

Fireside Chats

Not far from the tent, beneath the stars in the warmth of a fire built with good friends, we can talk about what’s on our minds and in our hearts. To be transparent. To trust one another with the things as we share our thoughts, goals and dreams.

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