Main Tent

We could have built a large, comfy lodge, but we chose a canvas tent for a more authentic, outdoor experience. To keep us more mindful of nature’s raw beauty. It is here we gather at the beginning and end of each day on our journey to become the men and women we were designed to be.

Cedar Rock

An eye-catching 50ft sandstone rock face along the river will test your mettle and give you the self-confidence to attack life’s challenges head-on.

The Fire Pit

Our sunrise and sunset gathering place to talk candidly with your guides and friends. To set the tone for the day ahead and to reflect on what you’ve learned at the day’s end.

Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock is part of Eagle Ridge, a 20-55ft rock formation challenging rappellers of all levels.


As this beautiful 3/4 mile spring-fed river makes its own journey through the valley, we’re reminded of the river within us. Its origin. Its destination. Its path. Its obstacles. And most important, its offerings.


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Mineral Point, WI 53565
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