Jim Kackley posing in front of the snow-covered BaseCamp grounds

Jim Kackley

(Instigator in Chief)

For Jim, BaseCamp USA is a longtime passion and dream. Having spent his career as a managing partner of an international public accounting firm, on the boards of numerous publicly traded companies, and in the management of charitable enterprises, Jim understands that the most critical element of business success is a person’s ability to grow.

Out of a desire to help others realize their potential, and drawing from his extensive business background, Jim created and taught “Personal Success in a Competitive World” for the MBA program at DePaul University School of Management in Chicago, Illinois.

Jim, his wife Barbe, and their family (2 children, 10 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren) love to backpack, hike and camp together.

Dave Knapp casting a fishing reel

Dave Knapp

(Vice President of Wild)

Dave has been a self-employed entrepreneur for thirty-five years. He is a big fan of skiing on any terrain at warp speed! A certified adaptive alpine ski instructor, Dave loves to teach veterans with disabilities how to snow and water ski, and provide motivated people with opportunities to maximize their potential.

Married to Cathy with three adult children, Dave says he loves his family so much that, “It hurts just thinking about them.” He also considers himself blessed to be able to count three men as friends, whom he can call anytime, anywhere – and know that they will be there for him.

And…Dave likes to ROCK OUT:  Rock ’n’ roll, rockabilly, bluegrass, rap, blues, jazz, soul, and country-with-attitude!

Adam Alt

(Adventure Program Director )

Adam has walked many paths in life from the corporate, the entrepreneurial, and the ministerial world. Nothing gets him fired up more than adventuring with Jesus and loving his wife and kids. As he says, “I just want to be about my Father’s business.” He’s more than proficient at throwing axes and cutting down trees while in them having owned two such businesses doing such but he loves “real talk,” deep meaningful conversations with all people. He can teach you how to survive and thrive in nature with a deep love of frontiersmen, old school skills and while being up to date on new school tech. It’s guaranteed he’d rather be lost in the woods than found in the city. His love of the outdoors extends to gardening, hunting, backpacking, motorcycle riding, and hammock camping. He fears few challenges, however, because he knows who he serves and it’s exactly where he wants to be.

His motto is simple, “Semper novem” or always be a nine.

Scott (Gets it done) Rebholz

(Property Manager)

Scott has been property manager for the BaseCamp land since it was acquired in 2007. His professional career has been driven by his love for the conservation, preservation, and ecological restoration of our natural areas and wild places. Recently, as we opened BaseCamp USA in 2021, Scott and his team have developed high ropes and low ropes courses, climbing and rappelling areas, and a system of hiking trails.

Scott is an avid outdoors/nature lover. He grew up camping and hiking with his parents and two brothers all over the Midwest and in the Rocky Mountain states. That love of camping, hiking, exploring, bicycling, swimming, fishing, canoeing/kayaking in the great outdoors is a lifestyle he passionately shares with his family and friends.

Scott is married with two children.

Bailey Cartwright

(Youth Program director)

Bailey has joined us all the way from southern Oklahoma where she spent 3 years pursuing multiple types of ministry. After being a part of many events like worship teams, youth groups, various church conferences, camps and retreats, and even more, it became clear to her that her deepest passion was in church camp and teen youth. Before she discovered this passion, Bailey tried pursuing multiple career fields like nursing and even obtaining her real estate license. Only to soon discover God’s real desire for her was to support his children in ministry. 

She and her husband Josh are parents to their yellow lab Bleu. In her down time she enjoys spending time with her family and animals at home on the farm.

You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13


Christine Alt

(Marketing Manager)

Christine has been a self-employed entrepreneur for 12 years focusing on photography, editing, and marketing.  Christine’s focus in photography had been on how to tell a story without words and was a passion that was born when she was only 5 years old at her mother’s hip taking pictures while camping and hiking with her family all over the western USA after her father retired from the army.  Likewise, marketing was a passion that was born from aiding her father in his marketing needs in various Emergency Services events. 

Married to Adam with a beautiful brood of Children, Christine enjoys taking her children out in the woods in their individual homeschool studies and as a co-op group in the Forest School she founded in 2020; to learn about everything God has made for us.  Focusing on foraging, conservation, and ecosystems she and her family is often happily found “lost in the woods”. 

Christine also has a passion for Art.  Primarily in the fields of photography, paint, sculpture, and music.

Mike Gorski


Mike Gorski is a father, husband, and business owner in the fitness industry. He is a personal trainer, registered Dietitian, and fitness and nutrition consultant worldwide. He works with a vast variety of people including young athletes, supermoms, 80-year-old rock stars, professional level Triathletes, business executives, and a lawyer in Nigeria.

Mike also prides himself on his work in personal finance—budgeting, planning and investing. As a young man, he takes a long-term view of his family’s financial future

Jude Sullivan


Jude recently retired after a 35+ year career in health, fitness and sports performance. During this time he has worked with a vast array of individuals. Very young to very old. Super sick to super fit.

He has had an interest in movement and teaching movement for as long as he can remember. As a lifelong athlete, he resumed his training in Tae kwon do and earned his 1st dan black belt. If time were no barrier, he would spend countless hours furthering his techniques in Tae kwon do as well as mastering various different other martial arts disciplines.

But, more than anything, he wants to honor Jesus.

Jude, and his wife Kris, are serial entrepreneurs and together share 6 children, 5 grandchildren and 3 granddoggers.

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