The United States has the highest rate of single-parent families in the world. When one in four boys in America grows up in a home without a father, how do they learn to become men? Men with honor, integrity, courage and purpose?

What happens to a young man when he does not have suitable role models to help guide him into true manhood, in a world that fills him with mixed messages about masculinity and manhood?

These questions, along with a concern for the adverse effects upon families and society stimulated many spirited discussions between longtime friends and colleagues, Jim Kackley and Dave Knapp, who turned talk into action by founding BaseCamp USA in 2020.

our beliefs

We have all been perfectly made and blessed with unique gifts and skills to live an enjoyable, yet purpose-driven life. Only when we live purposefully can we live life to the fullest and without regret. All are welcome here, regardless of race, color or creed.

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Faith-Based Principles

BaseCamp is Christ-centered. While we won’t beat you over the head with a bible, your adventure and experience will be based upon proven, time-tested biblical principles.


Our promise

We are called to be leaders. In our homes, churches and communities. We’re called to lead courageously, responsibly, lovingly and with purpose. At BaseCamp, we’re committed to helping you answer the call.

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Our Culture

Fresh country air, a hot cup of coffee, good food, good friends and guides you can trust to learn life’s essentials.

Safety, Belonging, & Mattering

The best learning environments are those in which you feel safe, where you feel a sense of belonging, and where you know you matter. These are the fundamental driving forces for all who work here, and why you’ll learn to live by them too.

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