I have been pushing to get everything done this week…

There is so much to do with work, the house, and church activities. It never seems like there
isn’t enough time.

I think to myself… “Do all the things I’m doing really matter to my husband?

He doesn’t act like he cares. He doesn’t tell me he loves me. What am I to him?

I come home from work and cook dinner, clean the house and he comes home most of the time and just sits on the couch. Why can’t he help me? I want him to just do something. He could do the dishes, and put away a load of laundry. Anything would be helpful.

When I ask him to help he gets irritated with me, and we get into fights. He says I don’t care how the house looks, clean it if you want.” I don’t care if you cook for me I will just go grab something to eat somewhere.

Am I being selfish? Is it me? Is it both of us?

I have a girlfriend that told me about a program she attended at BaseCamp USA. It helped her work through many of these issues and it gave her a better perspective on how to work through things with her husband.

They are working on their marriage and I can see so much change happening. She mentioned how she has been able to communicate her needs more effectively. This has created a change in her and in her husband. I think it’s time I learn more.