Young Women

Most of my teen years I just wanted to be out on my own traveling. I would tell my parents that as soon as I turn 18 I’m out of the house.

Now that I’m out of the house I understand why they would look at me and chuckle under their breath. My parents knew I hadn’t thought it all the way through. I guess I need my own money to be able to travel.

My plans have changed. I decided to go to school.

My passion is art and I want to make something of that. Most of my life people have told me there is no way I can make that a career. It has always been my dream to attend the Royal College of Arts in London. I applied and am waiting to hear back. It will be expensive at around $28,000 a year and that’s just the tuition. Is it worth it?

In the meantime I need to get a job. I have applied to several places but because of me wanting to go overseas my options are limited. My employment options are mostly fast food joints and some shopping centers. I don’t really want to work in these places but I’m not seeing another option.

This is becoming very complicated! I’m not even sure how this is going to work. I need to find a direction! I hear there is a place that can help me work through some of these issues. A few of my friends attended a program at BaseCamp USA. It has helped them find a direction that works for them.

Basecamp USA will give you the tools to make powerful decisions for your future. You will be with a group of young women dealing with many of the same things. Your guides will lead you in finding the direction that works the best for you.

Don’t miss a chance to find yourself in this life changing program.